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Public Demonstrations:

If you would like to join our demo team or would like us to perform a demonstration at your school or event please contact us via phone or email to book us in.

We also run fun activity workshops at schools and taster days. Please contact us for more information.


Saturday 26th September 2020

Saturday 5th December 2020

Christmas Party:

Saturday 19th December 2020

Black Belts
Travis Bottriell - 5th DAN
Samantha-Jo Jenkins - 3rd DAN

John Shields - Senior 2nd DAN

Janet White - Senior 2nd DAN

Keiran Prior - Decided 2nd DAN

Ben Standen - Decided 2nd DAN

Phil Stevens - Decided 2nd DAN

Tamsin Stevens - Advanced 1st DAN

Scarlett Willis - Advanced 1st DAN

Teddy Wright - Advanced 1st DAN

Leo Bond - Senior 1st DAN

Mark Childs - Senior 1st DAN

Ella Nicholson - Senior 1st DAN

Jack Nicholson - Senior 1st DAN

Renzo Delaney - Melville - Decided 1st DAN

Michal Jarosinski - Decided 1st DAN

Francesca Knibbs - Decided 1st DAN

Anya Lawson - Decided 1st DAN

Toby Lushington - Decided 1st DAN

Iona Perkins - Decided 1st DAN

Chris Stevens - Decided 1st DAN

Senior Red Belts - 1st KUP
Hannah Albury
Alex Bogdanski
Zaara Chowdhury
 Rupert Collins
Kevin Elder
Gabriella Elder
Tommy Futcher
Sean Fennell
Louis Greaves
Chloe Hall
Elodie Hall
Emma Harris
Will Leven
Henri Silva
Beth Walker
Issy Watt
Senior Purple Belts - 3rd KUP
Cameron Barfoot
George Field
Gemma Mcdonnell
Max Oppenheimer
Evie Webster
Graham Webster
Zachary Webster


Red Belts - 2nd KUP
Jazmin Bond
Andy Cousins
Claire Cousins
Owen Neill
Emma Walker
James Watt
Purple Belts - 4th KUP
Dylan Black
Sonny Black
Isabelle Cotton
Lenny Frisbee
​Leo Harbon​
Casey Hindon
Lyla Jenkins
Teddy Lindsay
Nicholas Pocock
Kyeden Stevens


Senior Blue Belts - 5th KUP
Harrison Burgess
Jessie Shields
Blue Belts - 6th KUP
James Hall
Riley Harrigan
Toby Muir
Green Belts - 8th KUP
Matthew Docherty
Thomas Eade
Henry Edwards
Lola Bo Enticknap-Ivory
Robert Haggard
Yucheng Ma
Senior Green Belts - 7th KUP
Bailie Edwards
Lydia Francis
Alexander Futcher
Alex Prior
Max Quinlan
Ruby Reeve
Michael Silva
Charlie Sims
Rory Wildsmith
Yellow Belts - 9th KUP
Zane Adarkwa
Sonnie Campbell
Ethan Elliott
Fern Elliott
Shaun Elliott
Mark Gordon
Henry Labrow
Jamie Shields
Evienne Swann
Mason Thorpe
White Belts - 10th KUP
Jacee              Serena         
Jacob              Isaac
Archer            Louis
Cleo                  Leo
Tom                  Oliver
Sam                  Robert      
Emily               Zach 
Courtney       Guy
Ptolly              Zak 
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