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Ben Standen

3rd DAN Black Belt

Senior Instructor

I Started TaekwonDo in 2016 to try and gain more self discipline and self control in my life. Before joining TaeKwonDo I had also have spent some time learning Karate, Judo and Kickboxing. 

When I’m not at TaeKwonDo I work in security, playing football or trying to raise money for a charity called FFC.

In 2019 I took part in a boxing challenge sponsored by Travis and Janet from the TaeKwonDo Academy. I trained for 12 weeks in boxing for the event and I went on to win my fight. By taking part and with the help of my sponsors, friends and family, I've helped raise £50k for the charity, but I’m not finished there, I’m looking for my next opportunity to try and kick cancers butt !

I achieved my Black Belt in 2018 after going for and passing each grading which took a lot of hard work and dedication.

I attended more classes than my fellow students and have shown my commitment to TaeKwonDo.  Travis approached me to train to be an instructor; he said he can see my potential to teach and that he was willing to support me with the instructor training. I am now a fully qualified TaeKwonDo instructor and am working on developing my teaching skills also my own professional TaeKwonDo training. I hope to one day have my own TaeKwonDo school, and eventually have other instructors and assistants that I have trained up to then go on and have their own schools.

At the beginning of 2018, as part of my Instructor training I helped organise and lead a few demonstrations and taster sessions at a local school. This was nerve racking, but it went very well, with the support from my fellow instructors.

I plan to take part in TaeKwonDo competitions, seminars and organise further community demonstrations in the future.

I am only at the beginning of my TaeKwonDo journey. There are still many more years of training ahead for me and I look forward to every moment.

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