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Classes / Courses

The TaeKwonDo Academy is proud to have earned NAKMAS Covid Compliance Certificates and we have worked hard to put appropriate safety measures in place to help keep everyone safe. 

Please speak to your chief instructor if you have any questions.
MONDAY (term time) - Liss
3.20pm Juniors (4-7 year olds)
3.20pm Juniors (7-12 year olds)

MONDAY - Petersfield
pm Women's Self Defence
6.30pm Junior/Teens/Adults Sparring (all)

TUESDAY - Hilsea
5.30pm - Juniors
6.25pm - Teens / Adults

WEDNESDAY - Petersfield
5.30pm - Juniors (beginners)

6.25pm - Juniors (advanced)
7.20pm - Teens / Adults (all)


5.45pm - Junior/Teens/Adults Sparring (all)

FRIDAY - Hilsea
5.30pm - Juniors (all)
6.25pm - Teens / Adults (all)

9.30am - Juniors (beginners)
10.25am - Juniors (advanced)
11.20am - Teens / Adults (all)

Courses & 1-1 Sessions:

Additional classes & courses available and tailored to suit your needs. 

If you don't feel comfortable taking part in one of our group classes, we also hold 1-1 sessions at our gyms in Hilsea & Petersfield and if needed we can come to you if you have the space / facilities.

Sessions conducted by UK Qualified TaeKwonDo Academy Martial Arts & Self Defence Coaches with valid DBS, insurance & 1st Aid certificate.

Some instructors do have further qualifications such as:

Safeguarding Children & Adults,

Equality & Diversity,

Effective Communication,

Mental Health Awareness

and Health & Safety.

TaeKwonDo Academy - Martial Arts & Self Defence School Portsmouth

Standard Courses:

The TaeKwonDo Academy Martial Arts & Self Defence School offers a range of Self Defence courses for different abilities and requirements.

Level 1 Introduction to Self Defence Course (2 hour)

Level 2 Intermediate Self Defence Training (2 hour)

Level 3 Advanced Self Defence Training (10 hour)

We also offer ice breakers, school workshops, children's parties and other tailored events/courses at our dedicated martial arts studios or at your venue.

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