Janet White 
Senior 2nd DAN Black Belt 
Certified Instructor
I first became involved in TaeKwonDo when my son, John, joined in 2012. I have watched him progress through the belts and he is now a Senior 2nd DAN Black Belt.
Seeing my son achieve these belts inspired me to give it a go with my other son, Jack; daughter Jessie and more recently my other son, Jamie. Travis also encouraged me to sign up as I sit there watching week in week out. I'm really glad he did as its an amazing sport which I love doing.
I joined in 2014; although I was pregnant at the time I continued to take part in TaeKwonDo I am now a Senior 2nd DAN Black Belt, Certified Instructor.
I did TaeKwonDo throughout pregnancy, until 2 days before I gave birth and was back 2 weeks after. TaeKwonDo has really helped with weight loss and am now the lightest and fittest I have been in years.
I am now a Qualified Instructor and plan on continuing my training to become a TaeKwonDo Master. Myself and the other instructors have also trained with Paul Green & Gareth Brown (Team GB TaeKwonDo Olympic Coaches) who have coached Team GB Gold medalist Jade Jones.
I currently run classes in Petersfield, Southsea and Paulsgrove. I continue to train every week to keep me developing further.
I love TaeKwonDo and will continue to encourage other people to join. Once my youngest child is old enough to take part, they will also be joining the classes, like her siblings.
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