Ability / Disability ?

It doesn't matter that you can't kick above knee height or that you aren't fast or physically fit.

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone is different. We all learn differently and we all progress at different paces.


Don't let a problem get you down. At the TaeKwonDo Academy Martial Arts & Self Defence School, our highly skilled team of instructors can cater for your additional needs.


Whether you are an adult / child with:







Hearing Impairment,

Speech Impediment,

Visual Impairment,

Suffered from a stroke,

Central Processing Disorder,

Suffer with muscle/joint problems,

Physically unfit or overweight,

or if English is not your first language,


We can help ! We are a fully inclusive club. 


TaeKwonDo is a great form of therapy, even recommended by some doctors & physiotherapists, you can also meet new friendly people who won't judge you but will help you every step of the way. 

I have been asked if you can be too old to start TaeKwonDo. The simple answer is no. TaeKwonDo is a martial art you can start at any age and something you can continue throughout your life. Not only is it good for physical health & fitness, it is also a great way to help positive mental health. 

Our instructors have experience working with adults & children with additional needs and have up to date training in:

Effective Communication, Epilepsy Awareness, Equality & Diversity, Mental Health Awareness, Safeguarding Adults & Children, Development & Duty of Care, plus several other topics.


Just give us a call or email for more information about your needs or speak with our welfare officer, Tamsin Stevens.

07854418058 or info@tkd-academy.com

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