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Annette Marsh

Advanced 1st DAN - Trainee Instructor

I have dipped my feet in a few different martial art disciplines, some I persevered with longer than others. The first as a child, Kung Fu took my interest for a few months, gaining a yellow belt.
Jujitsu came next, joining this class after watching admiringly, then taking part in a trial session. I soon became hooked and worked my way up the belts to purple and white. Unfortunately, my dream of earning and wearing a black belt in Jujitsu came to an abrupt end, with a nasty injury.

Life moves on… I moved to the South of England, had 3 beautiful daughters, and with lots of hard work, taking the scenic route, I became a qualified ‘Certified Accountant’. I now work full time for a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants.
Hugely lacking in confidence and self esteem, I decided to join a new ‘Ladies’ self-defence class. The instructor soon recognised that I had some martial arts knowledge and asked me to join her TaeKwonDo class. Extremely hesitant at first due to my age and size, she assured me I had nothing to worry about… and here starts my Taekwondo story.

I joined Dynasty TaeKwonDo, attending classes twice weekly and I loved it. My knowledge was building, and I passed many gradings allowing for my confidence to grow a little; I even managed to enter a competition for ‘Patterns’ proudly winning a bronze medal. Shortly after getting my blue belt, Covid lockdown struck, sadly causing the closure of Dynasty TaeKwonDo.

Determined this was not going to be the end my TaeKwonDo journey, I searched the internet and came across the ‘TaeKwonDo Academy’. Once lockdown was over, and my trial session was done, I couldn’t wait to join such a fantastic, warm, welcoming and friendly club. My grade from the previous club was honoured and I continued learning and developing my skills, whilst being supported through learning the differences in style between the two clubs. I have seen massive
improvements in my physical abilities as well as my confidence. I now proudly wear that black belt, that was once a dream, and you better believe I am not stopping here. Additionally, I am now a Cadet Leader ( assistant instructor) and love helping to teach in both the children’s and adults classes.
Challenging my confidence.

The TaeKwonDo Academy quickly became my happy place, and perhaps this could become a happy place for you too.

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