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Samantha-Jo Jenkins

3rd DAN Black Belt

Senior Instructor

I started TaeKwonDo when I was 4 years old, following my older siblings Travis and Jackie. I found TaeKwonDo challenging and every grading was hard work. I failed a few times along the way, but this has only taught me that everything takes hard work and I wasn't ready to progress just yet. After the 10 years of hard work I had reached 2nd DAN black belt and graded to be a Trainee Instructor. 

Travis has been there for me from a young age and has continued to support me through my TaeKwonDo career. In 2010 I graded to become a fully qualified TaeKwonDo Instructor and have been teaching TaeKwonDo with Travis ever since. Its something I love and I'm passionate about. There are some children who start off very shy and find it difficult, as did I, and I have worked closely with them and their parents to help them along their TaeKwonDo journey. It's lovely to see how they blossom.


I currently teach in Petersfield but will teach classes in all areas to cover holidays and if I fancy some extra TaeKwonDo !


I am working towards my 4th DAN and opening my own club hopefully in the next few years with the support from Travis & the other instructors.

TaeKwonDo Academy - Martial Arts & Self Defence School Portsmouth
TaeKwonDo Academy - Martial Arts & Self Defence School Portsmouth
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