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Keiran Prior
Advanced 2nd DAN Black Belt 
L3 Cadet Leader

I started TaeKwonDo in 2015, when I was 7 years old. At my first lesson, I was really nervous and scared, but Travis helped and encouraged me along my journey to my Black Belt.

I have a younger brother, Alex, who's really good at dance, but when he saw Travis award my Black Belt and huge certificate, he wanted to join TaeKwonDo too. I try to be a good role model for my brother as well as the other students and I really enjoy helping out others in class.

In 2017 I graded for my Level 4 Senior Assistant where I had to demonstrate everything I had learned in front a panel of judges. I had to make sure everything was perfect as I would be helping Travis teach the classes. In 2018 I graded for my next instructor level, Cadet Leader, which means I have demonstrated everything up to 1st Dan Black Belt and can take on more responsibility in class. 

I love my TaeKwonDo training and also really love teaching, so I will help teach at every opportunity. We sometimes hold demonstrations at schools or summer fetes and Travis asked me to take part in the Crookhorn College demonstrations and taster day in 2018. I was working with Tamsin, Ben and Phil to successfully perform 5 different demonstrations and also run a taster day where we had around 150 students take part from the school - we even managed to get the teachers involved.

As well as TaeKwonDo, I also do football and swimming training. I completed a charity swim called '2018 Swim the Channel' where I had to swim 22 miles.

Since then I have been up and down the country competing in TaeKwonDo competitions and have achieved 1st Place. I hope to be able to pass on my sparring skills to my fellow students.

I achieved my 2nd DAN Black belt over 3 years ago, the next step of my TaeKwonDo journey is achieving my 3rd DAN Black Belt which I can grade for this year. I continue to help teach and train several times a week and I will continue to work on my teaching skills to one day be a TaeKwonDo Master and have my own TaeKwonDo school.

TaeKwonDo Academy - Martial Arts & Self Defence School Portsmouth
TaeKwonDo Academy - Martial Arts & Self Defence School Portsmouth
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