TaeKwonDo Academy

Martial Arts & Self Defence

The TaeKwonDo Academy offers all-round martial arts & self defence for adults and children from 3 years old.
Not only is it the traditional TaeKwonDo, but there are elements of:

 Kids' Stranger-Danger!   Anti-Bullying,  Ju-Jitsu, Judo,  
Hanmudo, Self Defence,  Sparring sessions.

The TaeKwonDo Academy Martial Arts & Self Defence School has it's own specially designed syllabus. It provides variation, discipline and small goals for all students. Mixed martial arts and self defence is a great way for a child to start their training. 
Adults have a more in-depth programme, also with achievable goals.
Contact your instructor for a paper/on line copy.
Forms / Katars


Each rank has its own Form. These are patterns used by the

Koreans in battle.

These self defence and attack movements demonstrate focus,

power, technique and memory skills.

Each Form has its own name.



White & yellow belts perform 1-step sparring. This is non-contact self defence practice.

Green belts and above perform semi-contact free sparring. Students show off their self defence abilities.

Purple belts also perform 3-step sparring. This is non-contact self defence practice.

Stretching & Exercise


To start off each class, there will be an element of exercise and stretching to help prevent injury.

Throughout TaeKwonDo, stretching and exercise is very important. In some classes we may focus on pure exercise.

Sparring is an excellent way to burn off fat and to help the cardio work out.

Focus Drills


Every class has an element of focus.

Using focus pads/mits, students can focus their techniques towards the target. 

Other focus drill could include controlled floor work in groups.

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