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Anya Lawson
Senior 1st DAN
L5 Junior Assistant

My name is Anya Lawson.  I started Taekwondo as I enjoyed being active, but I was also learning how to protect myself in a disciplined way.  At first I was nervous as there are lots of moves to remember, but Travis and Janet are great at coaching and helped me remember the routines.  I achieved my 1st DAN Black Belt in February 2020 and I look forward to working towards my 2nd DAN in  the next couple of years.
I also started helping out with the junior coaching lessons on Saturday, which I love doing.  I feel my confidence has really grown since being in the academy.  Especially supporting with the junior coaching, and occasionally with the grading.  I don’t worry about giving out instructions to people anymore and I like helping younger members learn their routines.  My friends are also impressed with how high & fast I can kick, but with accuracy & control. I look forward to the many years ahead with Travis, Janet and the TaeKwonDo Academy.
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