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Tamsin Stevens

Decided 2nd DAN Black Belt  

L1 Certified Instructor

I started training at TaeKwonDo Academy with Travis and The TaeKwonDo ACademy in January 2016, achieving a 1st Dan before the end of 2018. I love helping others and Travis saw the potential in me to allow me to start teaching. After 2 years of instructor training and passing several tests and courses, I became a fully qualified instructor. I had a passion for martial arts as a child but concentrated on swimming as my main sport until my late teens. In my early twenties I started my journey into martial arts with members of my family who were training in Judo. I joined their club and to date have achieved brown belt. I was expected to help instruct all lower grades than myself, so I have been assisting to teach judo since 2011.

I had considered finding a TaeKwonDo club for some time because of my interest in that specific martial art and wanting to find a way to gain better physical fitness. I found The TaeKwonDo Academy’s friendly atmosphere and all instructors manner of teaching to be very much to my taste – other places I had discovered were unadaptable to my needs and The TaeKwonDo Academy is a fully inclusive club.

Aside from the world of martial arts, I love art and pottery and am a multi-instrumentalist and singer.

I believe that martial arts offer an incredible range of physical and mental health benefits. TaeKwonDo has greatly improved my quality of life, self-confidence and given me skills to be able to defend myself. I find the sheer enjoyment of being able to smack a target with a perfectly executed kick or performing an accurate form (also known as Hyungs/pattern) is very satisfying! It takes hard work and dedication, but I have found it to be more than worth it.

The TaeKwonDo Academy accepts students from all walks of life, including all ages and abilities. We have students with additional needs, but we cater for all and do not discriminate because of a disability.

I hope that one day soon I will be able to open another branch of The TaeKwonDo Academy with the same morals I have been taught to expand the opportunity for others to train.

I find that many people think that once they achieve a black belt in any martial art that they have completed their journey – however, now that I am myself a black belt in TaeKwonDo I have realised it is just the beginning! There is so much more to learn after your first black belt, and it keeps my interest and enthusiasm alive, which I hope passes on to those I teach. I’m currently a Decided 2nd DAN Black Belt and continue to regularly train; continuing my own professional development and thus providing a better learning experience for all our students.

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